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How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

Outside Play

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave 1

When you’re in the midst of a heatwave, trying to come up with fun games to play with the little ones can be challenging! While it’s important to keep young children (especially babies and toddlers) inside when the days are at their hottest, there are some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy outdoors. 

1. Get in the paddling pool

The best way to enjoy a sunny day is to get in the pool! Whether you have a family-sized above-ground pool or an inflatable paddling pool, there’s plenty of fun to be had when the whole family is splashing around. As well as being a great place to play and cool down, paddling pools can also be used as the base for educational games. Gather a selection of items from around the home such as sponges, plastic toys, mugs and plastic cutlery, then play a game of ‘sink or float’. This is a great activity for younger children and will keep them entertained as they try and work out what will happen.

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

Remember to always supervise children when playing in a paddling pool and to ensure that everyone is wearing suncream that is regularly topped up. On a practical note, during a heatwave, it’s more important than ever to keep your pool clean. The heat will attract bugs and promote algae growth, so, change the water as frequently as possible or use a pool cover to keep dirt at bay. We also stock pool cleaning chemicalsto help you keep your water fresh during prolonged summer use.

2. Slide into summer

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

Another great way to cool down and burn off some energy is by using a water slide. A slip & slide is a must for any garden and you can find a variety of sizes right here at Outside Play. Our slip & slides can be used in gardens of all sizes, simply connect to your garden hose and enjoy the fun of sliding along the water. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also make your own water slide by using plastic sheeting. Simply anchor it down and add some soap to your hose water to make it extra slippery.

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

If you want to make your garden pool extra special, an inflatable water slide is a great choice. Perfect for summer parties, an inflatable slide will add a new dimension of fun to your pool.

3 Wash the car

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

Now, this is a fun game that’s beneficial for both children AND adults! Teaching your little ones how to wash the care will not only teach them some great life skills, but it will also ensure they stay cool as they use the hose or water buckets to shine your motor. Kids will love splashing around in the water, plus the foam from the soap suds will no doubt become valuable weaponry in the inevitable water fight. You may need to go over your car later to get rid of the streaks but it’s a great family activity to keep them busy! Once they’ve washed the car, why not ask them to wash their bicycles, ride-on toys orquad bikes?

4. Plan a water ‘sports day’

It’s a sports day with a twist that will keep your little ones cool and entertained! Using a variety of household objects and water balloons, you can set up a whole obstacle course in the garden. Here are some of our favourites!

How to keep kids cool when playing in a heatwave

Water Balloon Relay: Fill up a balloon with water and get your little ones to carry it between their legs around the garden. They then have to pass it to the next player without using their hands and without it popping!

Target Practice: Using water guns, draw targets on a wall using chalk. Award points for whoever manages to hit closest to the centre of the target using their water gun.

Tin Foil Boat Race: Let your little ones build their own sailing boats using strips of tin foil. They can then race them across the paddling pool by blowing them across. The first boat across the water wins the prize!

Create some homemade medals and trophies to hand out to the winners and refresh yourselves after the games with a homemade ice lolly.


During a heatwave, it’s imperative that you keep your little ones safe in the sunshine. Take a look at the NHS: Sun & Safetyguide for advice on guidance.

To make the most of the summer this year, don’t forget to check out our fantastic range of garden pools. With styles and sizes to suit all outdoor spaces, you’re guaranteed a summer of fun.

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