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Bought these for my grand daughters. What a great item. Easy for them to us and they have a fantastic time with them. So glad I bought them.

New Holland t7

Very pleased with the customer service and communication from outside play. The same day I placed my order I received a phone call to arrange delivery and as I was local it was delivered the same evening.

One Happy little Girl.

Came with-in time, all they. And works great.
Many Thanks

My girls eyes lit up

My girl loves it her face was priceless glad I charged it the night before as she was on it straight I thought I would have struggled with instruction but they where straight forward

Kids Bugatti

Amazing service product is way better than I thought amazing quality quick delivery

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Since they first emerged in the sixties, BMX bikes have always been the epitome of cool. Designed for racing, jumping and tricks, BMX bikes are still one of the most popular bikes in the world. Over the years, BMX biking has evolved beyond the dirt tracks, and there are now variations of bikes designed for freestyling, stunts and racing. Whether you’ve always wanted a BMX or you’re just dipping your toe into this exciting community, here’s five reasons why you should invest in a BMX.

BMX Bikes are great for cardiovascular fitness

BMX Bike
BMX Bike

Like all forms of cycling, riding BMX bikes is great for your cardiovascular system. As you ride more, your body will learn to use oxygen more efficiently, benefiting your day to day life in the long run. By improving your cardio, you’re also bringing a whole host of other benefits into your lifestyle. From decreasing the risk of heart disease to lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Just 30 minutes on your BMX bikes a day, from and you’ll start to see the difference.

They’re incredibly durable

BMX Bike
BMX Bike

A BMX needs to be able to handle much more than a regular bike. BMX riders are known for putting their bikes through their paces, from the intense jumps and turns to the rough terrains they take them out on. BMX bikes are made from the highest-quality materials that increase their durability, including chrome and aluminium for the frame. Whether you intend on really testing your bike, or you’re simply looking for a bike to get you from A-B, you can rest assured that your BMX is up to the challenge.

It’s a fun hobby

BMX Bike
BMX Bike

If you’ve ever found yourself dreading going to the gym or putting off that morning jog, BMX riding might just be the activity for you. BMX-ing is all about facing your fears and learning new skills. As there are no ‘rules’ to follow as you get to grips with your bike, you can enjoy the freedom of learning and developing skills as you go. You might not end up on Team GB at the next Olympics, and that’s fine! It’s all about having a go and seeing what you can do.

You’re part of a great community

BMX Bike
BMX Bike

BMX is a global sport, and investing in your own BMX immediately puts you in the heart of this community. From watching videos on YouTube to visiting BMX parks and going to events across the globe, you’re never far from someone else on their BMX journey. After the Tokyo Olympics, interest in BMX-ing has grown considerably, so whether you’re young or old, male or female, there’s so much out there to explore.

Build your confidence

BMX Bike
BMX Bike


As with all new sports and hobbies, you might be tentative as you start getting to grips with the basics, but once you’ve got there, you can start to build your confidence through training. BMX-ing is an excellent activity for those looking to boost their self-esteem through mastering tricks and improving stamina. Riders young and old can work towards meeting goals, whether it’s going out on your bike a certain number of times per week or nailing that trick you’ve been studying on YouTube. It’s a great way to see exactly what you can do!

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