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Great Quality bike for the price perfect starter bike for my 7 year old and very fast


They do exactly as you’d expect decent quality
We bought our little boy a ride on Lambo turns out if you drive over them they break but you would expect that to be fair (wasn’t intentional I clearly can’t drive)

Very good

Price is very good and delivered on time


It broke within two days and I brought it for my sons birthday and the suspension snapped within 2 days

24v lambo sto

Car looks amazing and really is fast , looks so good I just had to drive it , squeezing my 13stone self in and it flew me around the car park

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Kids Electric Car Battery Troubleshoot!

Some of the things we hear from customers regularly when they have issues with their kids electric car battery:

“My kids electric car battery won’t charge, I’ve had it on charge for 10 hours, its doesn’t work, I want a refund or exchange!!”


My kids electric car has stopped working and won’t charge”


“My kids electric car battery won’t hold its charge, it only runs for 10 mins now”

So let’s give you some help and advise with this, as 99.9% of the time there’s nothing wrong with the car and with a few checks, we can get you up and running!

Follow the manual of instructions  

After you’ve purchased your new ride-on car, we recommend that before you get into the ins and outs of this electric toy vehicle, read through the instruction manual. Once you have read through the instructions be sure to follow them to the rule.

A Kids Electric Car Battery maybe dangerous if not handled properly, so please do not attempt any of the following if you don’t have the basic understanding of the dangers of batteries.

  •  Location of the battery may differ from car to car. It maybe housed under the seat, in the boot or under the bonnet.
  • Due to courier restrictions, we are unable to ship any battery powered item with the battery connected so you will be required to do this as part of the assembly process. Please refer to instruction manual.
  • For Kids Ride on Cars and jeeps this will involve either attaching a wire to the free battery terminal as shown in images below. Always remember to check and remove the cap on the connector first if there is one.
Kids Electric Car Battery Troubleshoot!

Or you may need to clip two connectors together….

Kids Electric Car Battery Troubleshoot!
  • You will need to charge the battery fully before using the ride on for the first time this is approximately between 8 – 10 hours but no longer than 12, always see instruction manual for more details.
  • Check that the charger is getting warm after the ride on has been on charge for an hour, this will show the charger is working as it should. If it isn’t there may be a fault with the charger.
  • Always remember to unplug the charger before use, these ride on toys have a safety cut off and will not work while the charger is plugged in.
  • Always charge the battery immediately after each use
  • Charge the battery at least once a month even when not in use – As failure to do so may result in the permeant damage to the battery.

Ok – so you’ve done that, what next?

There maybe a couple of reasons as to why you are not getting much run time from the car. Please take a few moments to read below that may assist you.

Is the charger getting warm? If it isn’t getting warm after it has been on for an hour or so this is a sign that the charger isn’t working and may need replacing.

Was the battery charged for the first time for the recommended time?

Has the battery been over charged? By over charging the battery this can cause damage and battery will need replacing.

Has the battery been under charged? A new battery should be charged for the recommended time before using the vehicle for the first time.

Check all wires and connectors. Make sure the battery connector is tightly plugged in. With use, vibration can cause the connectors to come apart if they haven’t been pushed in firmly.

If you have noticed a considerable drop in run time, this could be a sign of a failing battery.

To test this, we recommend fully charging the battery for the suggested time in the manual and then testing the voltage with the multi meter. If the battery is 20% lower than its actual voltage and after a full charge, then this would suggest that the battery is dead

Kids Electric Car Battery Troubleshoot!Multimeter

If your battery was to die within 30 days of purchase then we would happily test it and replace, however if the battery depletes any time after this, then unfortunately we’re unable to replace the batteries free of charge.

The battery is deemed as a consumable item; therefore, replacements are chargeable.

Here’s a few tips to consider:

  • All ‘consumables’ such a batteries, chargers and remotes come with a 30 day guarantee as these need to be looked after and used correctly in order to ensure they work correctly. These are matters beyond our control and as such only offer 30 days cover for these items. As long as you look after your consumable items there will be many of hours of fun without the need to replace.
  • We recommend that ride on cars should only be used on smooth, flat surfaces and are kept out of wet and extremely cold conditions. If used in these circumstances the health of the battery and motors could be affected.
  • If you haven’t used your ride on car for a few months it is most likely that your battery has gone flat after such little use. It is important they these are charged up regularly to ensure optimum performance much like regular car batteries.
  • Your instruction manual should contain a suitable charging schedule. If not your car should be charged at least two times a month when not in use to keep the battery healthy.

Replacing the Battery or Battery Charger

  • Replacing the battery could be quite tricky.
  • Once you’ve located your battery, it’s time to remove it. Again, the process may be different for different vehicles, and we strongly advise you to check your instruction manual. Batteries may be held in place by screws or clips, and should be handled carefully.
  • After removing the battery, it’s time to install the replacement. Before powering up the car, please make sure that the battery is properly connected and secured.
  • Once your battery is installed and charged, it’s time to hit the road again.

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