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7 Awesome Halloween Garden Games to Play with the Kids

The best halloween garden games

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to enjoy the scares than with some family garden Halloween games? If your little ones are already excited to go trick or treating, why not get them excited for the big night by planning some outdoor activities? Whether you have a small garden or a vast amount of space, we’ve put together some of our favourite garden Halloween games designed to celebrate the spooky season and get more use out of your garden toys!

Ready, set, scare!

Ghostly Relay

What you need: White balloons & felt tips

This Halloween game is perfect for all ages. Blow up white balloons and get your little ones to draw faces on them to create their own ghosts. Line up in teams and race to the finish line, keeping the balloon in the air the whole time. Players can use their heads, hand or feet to keep the balloon in the air but they must not grab it! Once one player gets to the end of the garden and back, the second player must take the balloon from them without letting it drop to the floor. The winning team is the one who gets all their players back to the finish line in the quickest time!

The best halloween games
The best halloween garden games

The Ultimate Halloween Obstacle Course

What you need: Cooked spaghetti, jelly, garden toys & Halloween decorations. 

This Halloween game is a great way to get the most out of all those Halloween decorations you’ve been hoarding over the years. If you don’t have any, a quick trip to a discount store or supermarket should be all you need. The only limit to this obstacle course is your imagination!

Create an obstacle course in your back garden using your garden toys, slides, swingsets, mud kitchens and paddling pools can all be used. The aim of this Halloween game is to create a spooky course where little ones get to take part in Halloween activities at each stage, here are some of out favourite ideas.

Buried Bones

Sandpits aren’t just for summer and this game proves it! Take apart a plastic skeleton and bury the bones in the sand. Your little ones need to dig for the bones and find their pieces before moving on to the next activity. For added educational fun, ask players to find certain bones and identify them as they go.

The best halloween garden games
The best halloween garden games

Ghoulish Pool

Dust off the paddling pool and get ready for some messy play! Place Halloween decorations such as rubber spiders at the bottom of the pool then fill the pool with cooked spaghetti and jelly (you can even add some fake blood to really amp up the spooky). Get players to take their shoes off and hunt for the spiders using their feet, they must collect them all before heading to the next challenge!

Shriek & Slide

If you have a slide in your garden, this is a great way to get it involved. Place jelly, cooked spaghetti and fake blood along the slide and get your players to slide down it, the messier they get – the better! You can even use the slide for the Ghoulish Pool game to add even more excitement.

Egg & Spooooooon Race

Everyone loves an egg & spoon race, but with a little twist, you can turn it into an extra spooky game. Paint eyeballs onto plain ping pong balls, if you don’t have these, why not use hard-boiled eggs instead? Play individually or in teams to create a relay tournament. The winner of this Halloween game is the person who gets back to the finish line without losing (or breaking) their eyeball.

Scarecrow Runway

What you need: Pumpkins, old clothes, newspaper & marker pens.

This Halloween game is a fantastic way to get your little ones to show off their creative sides! Give each child, or team, a bundle of old clothes, a pumpkin and plenty of newspaper and ask them to make their own scarecrow. Marker pens can be used to draw faces on the pumpkin if your little ones aren’t old enough to carve their own! Once the scarecrows are complete, get the players to parade their creations along the garden to spooky Halloween songs. There doesn’t have to be just one winner for this game, awards can be handed out to the scariest scarecrow, the biggest or even the worst!

Whatever you do this Halloween, make sure you make the most of it with our fun-filled Halloween games. It’s never too late to add quality outdoor toys to your space, so why not shop the full garden toy range at Outside Play today?

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