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Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green



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Elementor single product #8277
Elementor Single Product #8277
Elementor Single Product #8277

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Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green

With the Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green you will have loads of fun jumping confidently.

The BERG champion range boasts Twin spring Gold springs and Airflow jumping mats that enhance the jumping experience resulting in a much more smoother, more comfortable jump.

Grand Champion Trampoline – When you want the absolute best on the market!

The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green is part of the unique range and one of the best trampolines for private use.

It has fantastic jumping comfortability, the best safety features amongst all the competition. It offers durability on all aspects making the trampoline the best purchase you can make. Outside Play recommend the Champion range especially the Grand Champion, and to elaborate our choice we can mention amongst other things, that REA.

This is a consumer protection program- on Swedish Television (SVT) who tested the Champion and various other cheaper models.

The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green was more than a match and overwhelmingly won the tests.

Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green  is a trampoline that you will enjoy for many years to come, and even though it is more expensive than most of the other models in the market.

The prove is in it’s durability, security, quality, whilst looking amazing in your garden.

Airflow:  The Airflow is a sensational revolution in trampoline mats! The unique Airflow jumping mat, is the latest and greatest improvement from Berg.

It gives you the ultimate jumping comfort and height .You will only find this incredible, brand new, Airflow technique in the trampolines from Berg.

The high-quality Airflow jumping mat provides 50% more airflow through the mat, offering less resistance and extraordinary higher jumps.

Safety: The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green offers the utmost security within trampoline safety. The safety padding along the outside of the Champion has 30mm of protective foam which not only covers the frame but also covers the springs.

This feature cannot be found on any other model. The cheaper branded models have significantly thinner and less durable protective foam on them, and therefore have a greater risk of accidents.

The protective pads on the Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green are 39cm wide and cover both the metal frame and the springs, which is a significant difference to the cheaper trampolines.

With the wide protective border you can also protect yourself against falling through the gaps between the springs. The bounce mat has a more effective non-slip surface, giving the jumper more safe and precise jumps.

Cheaper models are known to have a slippery smooth mat surface, which can become brittle if exposed too long to sunlight.

Another security feature of the Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green is that it is considerably heavier compared to cheaper trampolines. You gain significantly greater protection against strong winds and storms, whereas cheaper trampolines move in the gardens and sometimes end up in the neighbour’s garden.

The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green weighs up to 90kg, which gives it a substantial foothold. However, we always recommend that they are anchored or restrained.

Quality: Almost only professional trampolines surpass our Champion trampoline. When dealing with other branded trampolines, rust appears much faster due to not being properly galvanised.In some cases, the rust can occur in as littles as 1-2 years after purchase. Once he joints start to rust, it’s only a matter of time before they break.

The frame on the Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green is much thicker, which provides good stability when jumping. The protective pads around the trampoline are surface treated against UV radiation, to ensure it says aesthetically pleasing, retains its colour and doesn’t fade.

The cover is made of high-quality thick material with strong stitches. The Champion model has yet more amazing features with its unique GOLD SPRING Twin springs – which unlike all the other models, are also galvanized.

Ordinary springs can start to rust after 1-2 years, resulting in more sluggish, less bouncy jumps. 

The springs The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green  is equipped with revolutionary GOLD SPRING Twin springs.

These springs are made exclusively for BERG trampolines. The springs give you full effortless jumps, meaning you will be able to jump higher and safer.

The comfort on the trampoline is outstanding, enhanced by the double spring system which provide 30% more spring action than the Berg Favorit range.

The springs are tightened for hard use, but are also effective for smaller children. You will gain deeper jumps and great use of the whole jumping mat. The whole experience of the Champion feels really pleasing since the physical strain is less. 

Warranty BERG products have fantastic build quality, and guarantee that you will enjoy your BERG trampoline for many years to come.

BERG offers two types of warranty. Functionality / performance warranty covers the functionality of the trampoline.

For the Champion model the following applies:

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Springs: 5 years
  • Trampoline mat: 2 years

Parts that are susceptible to wear and tear and to weather conditions are not covered by the warranty.

Trampoline Frame The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green boasts round 48mm x 2mm gauge galvanised steel frame is covered by a 13 year warranty against rust- causing failure. The legs and feet of the trampoline are powder coated.The frame is formed with welded slots, so no nuts and bolts make for easier construction.  Locking legs and feet make for easy manoeuvre.

Trampoline Bed: The Airflow design makes jumping more effortless than for a standard bed.

The Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green has a weatherproof, soft surface UV stabilised, polypropylene woven mesh mat with multiple lines of perimeter stitching.

The mesh offers easy drainage and is therefore perfect for outdoor use.

Frame Pads:The 30mm thick PVC with a 2 year warranty made from closed cell foam to exclude water. The benefit from an extra heavy layer of PVC which will last much longer than inferior PE.

The pads measure 39cm wide and safeguard jumpers to ensure there is no chance of jumpers landing on any exposed part. The Pads tie securely to the frame of the trampoline to ensure they are always in the correct position.The padding covering is also UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun.

Trampoline Safety Only one jumper on the trampoline at any time.

Multiple jumpers increase the risk of injury.

Do not perform somersaults.

Paralysis or death may result if you land on your head or neck.

We recommend adult supervision at all times.

For added safety measures, please leave a 2m around your trampoline.


Berg Grand Champion 350 Trampoline Green

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Weight 80 kg


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Above ground

Size in feet

11ft 6in

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