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Mini Quad Bike Maintenance

Assembly Of A Mini Moto Mini Quad Bike

Kids Mini quad bikes are year on year our biggest selling quad bike but require Mini Quad Bike Maintenance, people are attracted to them because of their cheap price tag and compact design. Firstly don’t panic we offer a full delivered built service you can select at checkout.

When your 50cc quad bike products from all suppliers they will come delivered in a crate and need assembling. Unless you have opted to have your bike delivered built.

Its worth remembering these are a mechanical vehicle and require regular maintenance. We can build it, but you will have to do all the basic maintenance throughout the life of owning the quad bike. Starting from the day you receive it.

If you elect to build your Hawkmoto Mini moto Quad Bike by yourselves its worth noting that you will need to fit:-

Handlebars to clamps, Fit front and rear wheels and to hubs. adjust the tracking bars so the wheels are aligned.

Bolt in shockers, Fit foot plates, bolt on front bull bar, adjust the chain by releasing the 4 rear axles bolts and using the chain adjusters.

Run the engine in for 2 hours at 1/3 – 1/.2 throttle.

Then fully nut and bolt check the entire quad bike.

If you elect to have the quad bike delivered to you built you will still be required to nut and bolt check it for and you will still need to maintain it. All mechanical bike chains stretch when new so will need adjusting soon after running them in.

We recommend silkolene scoot 2 or Lucas Oil 2 Stroke oil for problem free operation of your mini quad bike.

Pull Starts and Parts For Your Mini Moto Kids Quad Bike

Mini quad bikes have been around for around 15 years and the design has barely changed in this time you will find hundreds of suppliers of mini quad bikes in the UK and variations of mini bikes, mini dirt bikes.

Ultimately they are all mechanically exactly the same product and all using the same engine and this means parts are very cheap and readily available on our website and plenty of others. Mini Quad Bike Maintenance is essential.

Pull starts are not covered by warranty i’m afraid as they are always broken by a heavy hand in frustration

Key things to ensure your Mini Moto Kids Quad Bike Runs problem free
  1. Don’t yank at your pull start like a lawn mover ( small short pulls is all it needs )
    if you yank at your pull start you will break the mechanism and these are around £5.00 and readily available online.
  2. Become a master at mixing the fuel to a 50:1 ratio
  3. Don’t over weight them ( These little engines wont take dads weight ) if over stressed they will throw the clutch spring please refrain dad from jumping on shouting it will be alright 🙂

The Hawkmoto Mini Quad Bike / Mini moto range is an awesome little starter quad bike but in essence they are what they are and all quad bikes require regular Mini Quad Bike Maintenance

If all of the above is just too much then you look at the 4 stroke engine range starting with the Hawkmoto Boulder.

The 4 stroke engine range will enable you to put normal fuel in and electric push button start. negating the pull start and the fuel mixing..

Common Issues – Troubleshooting Mini Moto Problems

My Engine Wont Start

1. Mini Moto quad bike engines are so simple they key thing is to remember they only need petrol and a spark and your up and running. 90% Of the problems we see on a daily basis of My Engine wont start comes down to incorrect fuel mixture. If you have used the Wrong 2 stroke or too much this clogs the spark plug with oil eliminating the Spark from the formula spark and fuel.

Incorrect fuel mixture will cause problems such as My Quad bike Bike will not fire and you’re been pulling the pull cord until the verge of frustration. – its not going to start stop yanking at the pull cord as the next issue will be a broken pull cord. – Drain the mix from the bottom of the carburettor flush some neat fuel through the engine,. Or the Quad bike will run for a few seconds them bog out as the oil becomes too much for the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug and clean off excess oil

Watch our how to mix fuel guide and start again.

We are want to protect our kids but winding the throttle restrictor into the max position will mean it will not start. Wind it back out to non restricted and slowly restrict it until you get a happy balance of speed and ease of starting.

This Solves 90% of the phone calls we get.

This hasn’t solved Your Issue ?

So your 100% your fuel mix is correct and the throttle isnt restricted.






All of the above will stop your mini quad from starting.

My Mini Quad / Bike was fine last week but wont start today !

So… 2 Stroke oil and petrol mixed together is great when freshly mixed. Now imagine you mixed oil and water in a jar and left it on the side for a week. The oil would sink to the bottom and the water to the top right ? Same thing has just happened to your mini quad bike in the carburettor . If you watch any gardener using a chainsaw you will note they always shake it before they pull the cord. this is because you need to remix the fuel before you pull on the pull starter. Why ? If you leave your mini quad bike for some time the fuel and the oil separate when you next come to the quad if you were to pull the pull starter that drags neat oil across the spark plug same as a 2 stroke chain saw.

To avoid this you do one of two things. When the bike has been left for some time, pick it up and shake it vigorously before attempting to start it. Or….. Best practice is turn off the fuel and allow the excess fuel in the carb burn off until the bike cuts out after each use. meaning no fuel is left in the carb to separate. You will still need to shake your bike before each use before you reach for the pull cord.

TOO LATE ! I Left the Bike for the fuel to separate and I’ve pulled the cord.

What you’ve done is effectively covered your spark plug in oil. We have a few tricks for this.

  1. Remove the spark plug and clean it in petrol – Replace shake the bike and try again.
  2. Drain all the fuel in the bike from the underneath of the carb. Replace with Neat Petrol Shake the bike to get the fuel around the carb and spark plug pull gently on the pull start a couple of times, drain neat fuel.. Re-Mix your 2 stroke and try again.
  3. Cheat – Shake bike, Remove spark plug and drop a teaspoon full of neat petrol into the spark plug barrel, try to start it now.

Any problems with mini motos dirt bikes and quad bikes generally lead to ultimately the misunderstanding of 2 stroke fuel. If you keep the principle in your head to shake it before use and make sure your a master at fuel mixing you’ll have trouble free quad biking.

Mini Quads will normally start 1st or second pull of the pull starter. Small short pulls is all that’s needed. If it doesn’t start, check all your start inhibitors and think about the state the fuel mixture is in. Has it been left for some time and did you pull the pull before shaking it.

My Mini Moto Quad Bike| Dirt Bike is Revving High

This again is a common one, as the engine loosens up the rev range will change. There is a tick over adjuster on the Carburettor you will need to turn it up if its not ticking over and turn the screw down if your bike is revving too high and trying to run away with you.

Mini Moto Mini Quad Chain tension

All mini moto mini quads and mini dirt bikes will need to have the chain adjusted. Brand New chains stretch when new even on £8000 Mx Bikes. So you will need to keep an eye on your chain tension after you have initially set it. All mini quads and mini bikes have chain adjusters on the rear WARNING: if you go straight for the chain adjuster you will strip the threads as the axles is held firm. You will need to loosen the 4x Axles bolts top and bottom before you put a spanner on the adjusters.

Its Brand New It Should Just Work !

Unfortunately these products are not our of the box press a button and away you go, These are a mechanical item that requires a certain skill, knowledge and understanding of basic engines. They are a lot of fun but will require a mechanical hand and understanding of 2 stroke to keep them running.

Is there an easier to maintain quad bike?

Yes, but unfortunately they cost a little more. If your looking for hassle free quad biking with no need to mix fuel, press button start and no need to think about two stroke splitting in the carb or in the tank then look at the 110cc Hawkmoto Range or the 125cc Hawkmoto Range all of which take neat petrol and have electric and remote start. Click Here to View

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