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4 Great Ways to Safely Use and Store a Ride On Toy in the Winter

4 ways to safely use and store a ride on toy in the winter

If your little ones found a ride on toy under the tree this Christmas, chances are they have been begging you for a chance to ride them! While the winter months may not seem like the ideal time to cruise around the streets or head to the playground on an electric toy, with the right care, you can enjoy them all year round. With the cold weather showing no sign of leaving any time soon, we’ve asked our toy experts for their tips on maintaining a ride on toy during the winter.

How to drive a ride on toy during the winter

Just like regular cars, it’s important to know how to navigate a ride on toy during adverse weather. A ride on toy is great for teaching children coordination and key motor skills, but when faced with ice or snow, it’s essential to build up their confidence.

Kids zebra safari land rover 24v 4wd version 2 - pink zebra stipes
Kids zebra safari land rover 24v 4wd version 2



Whenever your little one is playing on their ride on toy, it’s important that you are there to supervise or at least keep an eye on older children. During the winter months, surfaces can be slippery, and it can quickly get dark, which makes it more important for you to know exactly where they are. If your ride on toy has a remote control, make sure you have it with you when they are driving. While there is a maximum speed set for a ride on toy, the remote will ensure that you are in control if you spot an icy patch or an upcoming hazard that can cause an accident.

2. Create a safety routine

Before you take your ride on toy out for a spin, get into the habit of running through safety points before turning on the vehicle. Seat belts are a common feature in most ride-on vehicles, and they should be used at all times. Get them used to clicking in the belt before they set off, then double checking to make sure they are safe and ready to drive. As well as keeping them safe as they play, this will also drill good habits into them as they ride in ‘grown-up’ cars.

3.Choose a robust vehicle

If you’re planning on using your ride on toy all year round, an all-terrain vehicle is a great choice. Ride-on buggies and jeeps are built for rugged terrain and are a lot sturdier during colder months thanks to the strong tyres. As well as offering more grip on icy ground, a ride on toy typically offers a stronger engine that can handle slippery surfaces, ideal if you’re heading to rural areas.

Large super jeep 4×4 4 wheel drive buggy toddler to kids ride on grey
Our large super jeep 4×4 4 wheel drive buggy is one of our most robust ride on toys!

4.Stay Visible

Many ride-on vehicles come with working LED headlights, as well as being a fun feature that makes them feel like a real car, these headlights are also an important safety feature. During the darker Winter months, make sure these headlights are turned on to keep your little ones visible to you and those around you. Reflective clothing, or at least reflective strips and patches, are also recommended when your child is enjoying their ride-on toy.

Is a ride on toy suitable for rain and snow?

While most ride on toys are designed for all-weather use, we do not recommend using them in heavy rain or snow. Even the most robust vehicles are susceptible to damage from water, and driving during heavy rainfall can cause water to get into the battery or other electrical elements. If you are outside with your ride on toy and it starts to rain, make sure you give the vehicle a thorough drying before putting it away.

Where to store a ride on toy during winter

As a ride on toy can be damaged by water, it goes without saying that an electric vehicle should be stored indoors when not in use. This protects it from the elements and stops damage from cold weather. If you have no storage space inside, cover the ride on toy with a tarp or cover that is properly secured.

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