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5 Amazing Reasons Why Kids Should Play with a Dolls House

Why should kids play with a dolls house?

A Dolls House has been a permanent fixture in playrooms all over the world for hundreds of years. While some trends come and go, these replica homes have captured the imagination of children (and adults!), with many houses being passed down through generations. At Outside Play, our wooden dolls houses make the perfect gift, with a range of styles to choose from and plenty of fun-filled add-ons. If you’re considering buying a dolls house but don’t know where to start, we’re going to take a look at just some of the benefits of playing with these beautiful homes.

1.A Dolls House Provides Limitless Play

Unlike some puzzles or computer games, a dolls house opens up the possibility of unlimited play. There is no end to the scenarios that can be created within the walls of the doll house, and there are no rules or guidelines for the storylines they can create. As your little ones experience new things in their own life, they can bring this new knowledge to the doll house, letting them re-enact things that have happened to them and adding new layers to their creative games.

Why should kids play with a doll house?
Why should kids play with a dolls house?

2.Improves Social Skills

One of the biggest benefits of playing with a dolls house is that it helps develop valuable social skills. Whether your little one is playing alone or with friends, a dolls house encourages them to create stories in their mind and act them out using the space in front of them. Whether it’s through conversations with others, or play acting with the dolls themselves, there’s no better environment to explore their creative side. As parents, it’s important to encourage your child to develop these social skills, so make sure you get involved with their doll house games! Allowing your child the ability to develop these key social skills is a key part of their Early Years development.

3.Boosts Emotional Intelligence

By acting out scenarios and stories in their dolls house, children can improve their understanding of the world around them. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing with people, animals or simply moving furniture around the rooms; they will soon start to weave elements of their day-to-day life into creative play. This is a great way to help little ones process things that are happening to them, establishing family roles and helping them deal with changes in their lives – big or small. From first days at school or nursery to house moves and even new siblings, a dolls house will enable your child to explore and process their feelings.

4.Helps Them to Tidy and Sort

Having their own dolls house to look after teaches children the importance of space and sorting. Each room in the house can be turned into a dedicated space, whether it’s a bedroom, a nursery, a dining room or even a playroom. Using doll house furniture, your little ones will start to learn about sorting items and understanding them in terms of space.

This also helps with classification and speech, especially as they talk you through what is in each room. Turn ‘sorting’ into a fun game by getting your child to rearrange their doll house, talking through each room and explaining why certain pieces belong in different rooms. You can even try mixing things up by putting things where they typically shouldn’t belong and letting your little one put them back into the right space.

Why should kids play with a doll house?
Why should kids play with a doll house?

5.New Possibilities for Play

Just like real life, the imaginary world created in the dolls house can always be expanded through new add-ons, furniture and characters. This is what makes a dolls house such a great gift, as you can continue to add to this world as your child grows up. Once your little one has got to grips with the house itself, you can consider adding a garden or even a farm to the outside, which adds more layers to their role-playing games.

New dolls and figures are great ways to spark the imagination, as well as get kids ready for new milestones in their lives. Adding a nursery to a doll house can help prepare little ones for a new addition to their own home, while animal figures can help teach them the responsibilities of pet ownership and care. At Outside Play, we stock a wide range of doll house furniture and play sets to help you continue to expand their imaginary world.

Playing with a doll house opens up so many play possibilities, ensuring your child always has an outlet to unleash their imagination. To find out more about our doll houses, or to find the perfect match for your little one, take a look at our brand-new collection of wooden doll houses today. 


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