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5 Excellent Tips for Keeping Your Garden Swimming Pool Clean

5 excellent tips on keeping your garden swimming pool clean

Above-ground garden swimming pools range from smaller, budget models to more luxurious (and expensive) ranges and sizes. Many of these Garden Swimming Pool can be enjoyed throughout the year, and some use saltwater systems, which are popular with in-ground models. Above-ground Garden Swimming Pool also have options for solar heating systems and energy-efficient covers.

Contemporary models may have upgraded features that are usually seen in in-ground models, including advanced filtration systems and pumps to keep them clean. However, even above-ground pools that have built-in systems need a little hands-on work regularly to stay clean and in good working condition.

If you’re planning on spending the summer in your garden swimming pool, it’s important that it’s in top condition – inside and out! There’s nothing better than cooling off in the pool on a hot day, but if the water is dirty, you won’t want to be in there very long. As well as the visible dirt than can accumulate in a garden swimming pool, you also need to be mindful of bacteria which can thrive in this environment. Keeping your swimming pool clean and hygienic doesn’t need to be a mega chore, there are easy ways to keep on top of regular cleaning and we’re here to help!

1. Use a pool filter

The filter is one of the most important components of a swimming pool and if you’re yet to invest, now is the time. A filter helps remove dirt and debris from the pool as well as improve water circulation. Having a filter in the pool also reduces the risk of algae building up in the water. The filter will continuously move water around the pool, distributing your chemicals and avoiding stagnation.

Bestway steel pro rectangular pool 24ft with filter 732x633x132cm
Bestway Pool Filter

2. Cover your garden swimming pool

There are many benefits to covering your swimming pool when it’s not in use. As well as the obvious safety benefit of having the pool securely covered when children and pets are around, a cover will also stop dirt and debris from getting in the water. Another great plus point of having a pool cover is that it will also keep the water warm, absorbing thermal energy from the sun to prolong your time in the water.

Bestway flowclear 14′ x 8’2″ x 39.5″ solar pool cover
Bestway flowclear 14′ x 8’2″ x 39.5″ solar pool cover

3. Get a cleaning kit

Although a cover will keep debris from falling in the pool when it’s not in use, it won’t protect the water from falling leaves and other dirt when it’s in use. A swimming pool cleaning kit that contains a cleaning net is always useful to have close at hand. Before people get into the pool, you can easily skim the surface and remove bugs, leaves and other garden debris from the surface.

Garden Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit Bestway
Garden Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit Bestway

4. Keep water clean

Keeping on top of the visible dirt in your pool is all well and good, but what about the dirt you can’t see in the water? Maintaining a clean swimming pool requires chemicals to create the perfect balance in the water. Chlorine is the main chemical used to keep water safe and bacteria-free, especially if your pool is going to be used over a prolonged period. pH Minus and pH Plus are also used to adjust the alkalinity levels of the water. A pool chemical starter kit is a great investment if you’re planning a summer cooling off in your own garden pool, with everything you need to keep your pool water safe and hygienic.


How to clean a garden pool
How to clean a garden pool


5. Clean the Debris!

Sometimes debris such as leaves, dirt and anything else the wind can carry may end up in your pool. The key to ensuring a crystal clear pool is to get rid of these debris as soon as you are able to. If you’re not using a pool cover, be sure to use a leaf skimmer to scoop out any dirt and debris at least on a daily basis. Do this regularly and cloudy water will be a thing of the past!

Garden Swimming Pools

What better way to enjoy the summer months than playing in your very own garden pool? Our current range includes the latest models from top brands such as Bestway, with everything from above ground pools to inflatable pools to choose from. These garden swimming pools are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, with large garden pools big enough to let everyone have a dip. All of our pools come with easy set-up instructions, regardless of the type of pool you choose. Simply assemble, fill and get your rubber ring ready for hours of garden fun.

For more water play, don’t forget to take a look at our range of water slides! Fun for all the family.

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