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Great Quality bike for the price perfect starter bike for my 7 year old and very fast


They do exactly as you’d expect decent quality
We bought our little boy a ride on Lambo turns out if you drive over them they break but you would expect that to be fair (wasn’t intentional I clearly can’t drive)

Very good

Price is very good and delivered on time


It broke within two days and I brought it for my sons birthday and the suspension snapped within 2 days

24v lambo sto

Car looks amazing and really is fast , looks so good I just had to drive it , squeezing my 13stone self in and it flew me around the car park

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How do I choose the best Trampoline?

Choosing The Best Trampoline for your child

Have you been thinking of buying a trampoline for the kids but didn’t know where to start?

Are you bowled over with the amount of choice available and not sure what is suitable? Then keep reading!!!

Ok, so let’s get into it.

There are 4 main areas to look at.

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Above or Inground
  • Manufacturer

The first thing that springs in to anyone’s mind when buying a trampoline is where am I going to put it? What space have I got available? So firstly decide where you want to put it and measure the space. Remember….. You need to leave a good distance around the trampoline to avoid obstructions.


Next I’d be looking at the shape that best fits your designated area. Is it square? Long and narrow? Long and wide? This will determine what best fits your space.

There are three shapes of trampoline and they all have their own benefits.

The round trampoline is designed to ensure that the momentum of jumpers carries them to the centre for a safe and enjoyable experience. These are most commonly used in the garden.

How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?
How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?

The rectangular trampoline has a larger jump mat circumference, but the main difference is it offers a more precise jump because of its shape. You might have seen professional athletes use these and that’s why. There is less gravitation to the middle of the trampoline so jump and tricks are cleaner. They are also great for smaller spaces because the fit neatly into corners. (Remember though that you need to leave room to avoid obstacles. We would never recommend you pushing it up to a wall or fence)

How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?
How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?

The last shape is the oval. This has plus points from both the round and rectangular trampolines. It has a slightly wider, elongated jump space. Again this gives you a more controlled jump but with the added benefit of guiding you to the middle of the trampoline for extra safety.

How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?
How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?


When looking at sizes of trampolines, take into account that the measurements include the frame of the trampoline so the circumference of the jumping mat will be considerably less.

Also think about the future. Buying a trampoline for your child now restricts its lifespan, as your child gets older he or she is going to need more space. All trampolines come with guidelines for maximum weight limits. Therefore we would always advise that you buy the biggest trampoline possible for the space available.

 There is plenty of choice in all shapes.

Check out our selection here

Above or Inground?

As before it all depends on space available. It may also depend on your budget. An inground trampoline can be considerably more expensive as it requires some ground work. This isn’t necessarily because of the cost of the trampoline but because of the cost of a contractor that maybe required to help install it. However, once installation is complete it becomes part of the garden and your landscape and best of all is aesthetically pleasing. The above ground trampoline can be trickier to incorporate into your garden without losing your view.

Both the above ground and inground trampolines require some maintenance. The above ground is probably less time consuming. The in ground initially requires you to think about drainage and weed regrowth as you don’t want any obstructions whereas with the above ground you only have to think about the surrounding area where it is being placed. The above ground is also easy to move if the need arises.

The beauty of the above ground trampoline is the heights you can achieve whilst jumping. It is also tend to have more bounce that the inground trampoline. (See features for more explanations on airflow and bounce)

How to install an Inground trampoline

When choosing the space you want the trampoline to go, remember to keep a good distance between that and any surrounding objects. Because the Inground trampoline sits on the ground, your measurements need to be spot on. You don’t want to being digging up your whole garden!

For diagrams and helpful advice check out the links below.

What’s a Flatground trampoline?

Flatground and Inground trampolines are almost the same. However, the Flatground sits flush to the ground whereas the inground trampoline sits flat on the ground, leaving a lip to step onto.

How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?
How Do I Choose The Best Trampoline?

Trampoline Safety

We all want to keep our kids as safe as possible. It’s in a parent’s nature to protect. So whilst looking at trampolines you will have been looking at safety nets. Also look at the protective padding around the trampoline.

Where safety is paramount cheapest isn’t always best so be prepared to pay a little extra for the features that best suit you and your family.


Although we have covered some features such as thinking about the weight limit and the protective padding that covers the springs on the trampoline, there are others to consider.

One of the main ones being the springs themselves and also the jump mat

For example, within the Berg range they have thought about this. They use GoldSpring springs for their trampolines. The Champion and Elite lines have “v” shaped springs, known as Twinspring springs. Those along with the jump mats designed with Airflow technology, which make the jump mat 50% more permeable to air, create an even bigger, better jump than a standard trampoline.

Jump into health

Did you know that trampolining is 68% more effective than jogging??? It has major positive effects on your body, it is the perfect tool for all over body toning and there is little exertion on your bones, muscles and tendons. So not only will your kids be happy but they’ll also be healthy too!

Why Berg?

Berg are a Dutch company and have over 30years experience in the field of trampolines, from developing to producing and selling active outdoor play.

They are leaders in innovation.

There designers and their engineers work tirelessly updating and improving their products.

Berg believe in sustainability and do their best to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Additional Information

If you are unsure of any of the information provided or you have more questions then please call us or send an email.

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