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Great Quality bike for the price perfect starter bike for my 7 year old and very fast


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We bought our little boy a ride on Lambo turns out if you drive over them they break but you would expect that to be fair (wasn’t intentional I clearly can’t drive)

Very good

Price is very good and delivered on time


It broke within two days and I brought it for my sons birthday and the suspension snapped within 2 days

24v lambo sto

Car looks amazing and really is fast , looks so good I just had to drive it , squeezing my 13stone self in and it flew me around the car park

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5 Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

5 Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

The cold weather isn’t enough to stop us from wanting to enjoy Riding a Quad Bike in Winter, but how can you make sure you’re protected during the winter? If you’re not ready to relegate your quad bike to the garage for the winter months, it’s important that you take note of the change in surroundings and how this can impact your vehicle. Whether it’s your own quad or you’re a parent looking for winter safety tips, we’ve asked our quad biking experts for their top tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter.

Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter
Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

5 Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

Give your quad some TLC

During the colder months, it’s vital that you keep up to date with maintenance checks on your quad bike. If it’s a kids quad bike, this is a really good opportunity to teach them the basics of caring for the vehicle. If you have a petrol quad bike, ensure that anti-freeze levels are topped up to ensure the engine keeps running. We also recommend keeping your quad bike under a cover when they’re not in use or they’re being transported. A sheet of tarpaulin is ideal for this as it will help protect it from the elements.

Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter
Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

Keep an eye on the weather forecast

As much as the idea of Riding a Quad Bike in Winter may seem fun, we advise staying home if the weather forecast says snow or ice. If your quad bike doesn’t have the right winter tyres, you won’t have the traction you need to go about safely Riding a Quad Bike in Winter. You also need to be fully aware of your surroundings, heavy snowfall can drastically impair your visibility and could also hide uneven surfaces and dangerous ice patches. Wait till the conditions clear before you head out with your quad.

Keep hydrated during your ride

Cold weather can trick us into not feeling as thirsty as we are, so it’s important to pack plenty of fluids if you or your little ones are heading out Riding a Quad Bike in Winter. During low temperatures, you will automatically wrap up warmer but you will still sweat as you ride. Dehydration can creep up and set in very quickly so it’s important to always stop for rest breaks and plenty of water.

Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter
Tips for Riding a Quad Bike in Winter

Buy the right winter gear

It comes as no surprise that we recommend wrapping up warm when riding a quad bike in winter, but you should take care to buy the right riding gear. Gloves are essential for riding all off-road vehicles, especially in the winter. If your hands get too cold, you may struggle to keep the quad under control, but you need to ensure that your gloves help, not hinder your ride. Quality biking gloves are thin enough to provide the grip you need and designed to keep your hands toasty during the winter. Thick winter gloves may seem like a good idea, but you may start to lose grip as you ride.

Wear sensible clothing

Leading on from the riding gloves, you need to use the same common sense when dressing for a fun day quad biking. Keep skin covered as much as possible and invest in a winter jacket that has removable liners, pockets, vents and a snug fit. Suitable riding boots or shoes are also advised as well as layers underneath that you can adjust as the temperature changes. Always wear your helmet, regardless of the weather!

If you’re planning on Riding a Quad Bike in Winter, why not take a look at our current range of quad bikes for kids? With the latest models and plenty of styles to choose from, you and the whole family can enjoy some outdoor fun this year.


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