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I bought a kids Land Rover 90. When buying online you are never completely sure what will arrive. With this I was pleasantly surprised. Initially It surpassed expectations. Great quality and design attributes. Its next test will be my granddaughter’s rugged playtime. I paid the extra to have it factory assembled. I’d highly recommend this service too.

Lamborghini car

Finally got my car and I absolutely LOVE it I know my daughter will do when she sees it on Xmas day quick to answer questions

Amazing present

This purchase was by far one of the best I’ve every brought my little boy loves it

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Christmas is fast approaching and now is probably time that like myself most parents are panicking over what they’re going to buy their children. Especially when things are going to be tough not only financially but also with finding what you’re looking for due to a toy shortage. People are frantically searching top 10 lists for ideas and figuring out which is the best gift to buy. If you’re anything like me then a main present is usually the most stressful. So I thought I would give you a little helping hand and give you my Top 10 Electric Kids Cars to help you with your decisions. May have even managed to squeeze a couple of twin seated electric kids cars to save buying two main presents!

1. Licensed Land Rover Defender 90 RRP : £319.00

White land rover defender 90 kids electric car

This amazing larger two seater 24V* 4-wheel drive pickup has remained instantly recognisable. To the original that it has been based on. Looking swanky isn’t its only perk! The things this can do are incredible! It comes with upgraded EVA tyre. You can open the doors AND both seats are adjustable with safety belts. It’s not very often you find a kids electric car with 2 seats. Even better is that if you have 2 small children you could buy it as a joint main present! It even has bluetooth connectivity , FM radio and an aux input. So your little uns can be super stylish and listen to their favourite music whilst they cruise along.

2. UTV – MX Twin Seat Electric kids car – RRP: £305.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 1

This kids car easily made it into my Top 10 electric kids cars! If the small person in your life loves outdoor adventures. Getting them their very own UTV-MX Ride on Buggy is the perfect electric kids car for you! With the powerful 24V* battery, 4 x motor and EVA tyres that have the grip and tread pattern of the big boys’ UTVs. This electric car is perfect for muddy/ off road fun! With a wide 20″ seat, It also makes it perfect for not just one child but two.

3. Renegade Maverick 4s 4×4 – RRP: £305.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 2

This latest edition of the Maverick has been upgraded so the 2 x 12V batteries are now arranged in parallel instead of series providing loads of power and making this a truly awesome ride on! Perfect for any small thrill seekers. It doesn’t just come in blue either! When it comes to electric kids cars this really is the bees knees! Whilst some Ride Ons have the looks and others have the extras. The Renegade Maverick UTV (Utility terrain Vehicle) 4 x 4 has it all! Your child will certainly stand out from the crowd with this show stopper!

4. UTV MX Pro Edition – RRP: £395.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 3

If your budget is on the higher side for an absolutely amazing electric kids car then the UTV MX Pro Edition is exactly what you need. With the UTV MX as I mentioned earlier on being on of the best selling kids ride ons for the past two years the Pro Edition is proving to be even more popular. This time it has upgraded electrics. Both front and rear suspension and large noise reduction tyre. Oh and I almost forgot stylish leather seats too! Perfect for different terrains, you are definitely onto a winner with this one!

5. Mercedes Actros 24v* Electric Kids Truck With Trailer – RRP :£429.95

Top 10 Electric kids cars 4

For a while now you have been able to buy this ride on and it has been extremely popular. However it has just been released that you can buy it complete with a trailer! For quite a while it has been requested with many mini truckers wanting theirs to be just like their daddy’s, uncle’s or grandads and now they can! Fully licenced by Mercedes themselves you can guarantee a good quality ride. Perfect for imaginary play and will guarantee your child to be the talk of the town. It even comes with parent control so if you need or want to you can play too!

6.Licensed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Sports Car– RRP:£229.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 5

Go on admit it you saw the word Lamborghini and got excited didn’t you? I remember when my boy was smaller he had a mild obsession with them. Possibly stemmed from a song but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now! Now is possibly the perfect time to point out that price! What an absolute bargain for such an amazing kids electric car! This incredible car features an extra wide seat giving you the ultimate comfort and even room for two depending on ride size. With working lights, realistic car sounds, a horn and seatbelt you can’t go far with this amazing car!

7.Bugatti Divo – RRP: £169.95

Top 10 Electric kids cars 6

If you loved the Lamborghini but not the price tag then this Bugatti Divo is amazing value for the price, coming in at under £200 it has all of the things you would love to see in a miniature version of a car. It’s so realistic it’s almost unbelievable! Just like the real thing! Bugatti have gone all out in creating the fastest, coolest looking cars on the planet. This stunning kids electric Bugatti Divo electric car is fully licensed by Bugatti and features official badges, awesome looking alloy wheels and the front grill that is unmistakably Bugatti.

8. 24V Kids Electric Quad Bike ATV – RRP: £229.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 7

Whoever says that money doesn’t buy happiness simply hasn’t tried one of these 24V kids electric quads.Any child that receives one of these, either for a birthday gift or perfect Christmas present will be over the moon with happiness and excitement. Getting muddy and mucky is all that matters, Who doesn’t love that stuff!

Powered by 4 all round motors, this fun kids electric ATV is suitable for 3 yrs and above so is the perfect transition for kids who want to progress from a ride on car to something different, but not quite big enough or ready for a powerful petrol quad.

9. FarmTrac 6×6 Utlity Truck With Tipper – RRP £495.00

Top 10 Electric kids cars 8

Right one thing I want to do with this blog is be brutally honest, so here goes. When I saw the price of this truck ,I was thinking to myself ” Is it made of gold dust?” For me almost £500 could get be a cheap run around for myself. Rather than a truck for my child. BUT that was till I discovered just how amazing these Farmtrac Trucks were! Not only is it powered by 6 , (yes 6!) wheels but it also has a tipper on the back! How cool is that?

If your little ones want to they can load the truck with whatever it is they are carrying and tip it too! Imagine how grown up they would feel filling this with mud and transporting it elsewhere. With leather seats, LED lights, Bluetooth and USB it really is one of the best trucks on the market at the moment.

10. Kids Police Range Rover style SUV 4×4 off road – RRP: £159.95

Top 10 Electric kids cars 9

Nee naw nee naw nee naw! your mini police officer will be in their element with this realistic mini version of a police car. With flashing red and blue lights and front headlights that can be turned on and off by using the switchboard it’s very easy for your little crime fighter to get to work saving the world. The best part? for you it can be like a very large remote control car as the parent controls mean that you can move it forwards, backwards and also turn the steering wheel

I hope my list of Top 10 kids electric cars has been helpful

Thank you for reading

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