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excellent addition to imaginary play

great value for the money.

Well the ATV is brilliant I give 10 stars not 5
But when I order I have add the number plate which was not arrived with ATV
I order the ATV for my granddaughter as a gift
Please if is possible to send the number plate before 23March will be brilliant 🤩
The ATV is 10 stars 🌟

Absolutely fantastic my boy is going to love this for his birthday! And the fact it’s parent control is an added bonus

Great fun

Brought this for my grandsons birthday, absolutely loves it. Did not realise it has built in story teller and music mode which was an added bonus

Hawkmoto 36w mini dirt bike

This bike is fantastic !!!! I bought it for my 8 year old son with only 5 days until his birthday , outside play arranged delivery within time for it to arrive for his big day . The delivery driver was very friendly and the bike was packaged very securely on a crate . The bike came with good instructions and is well made . This has truly my made my sons birthday . Thank you so much @outsideplay xxx

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There’s nothing better than relaxing in your very own hot tub, however, without the proper hot tub maintenance, your experience can quickly become less than pleasant! When you step into your hot tub, you should be confident that the water is clean and that the tub itself isn’t harbouring any dirt or bacteria. As our hot tubs continue to fly off the shelves, we thought it was time we asked our experts for their top tips on hot tub maintenance. From daily tasks to weekly and monthly deep cleaning, once you know how to keep yours in top condition, you can sit back and enjoy the bubbles.

3 Top Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

Manitoba 14 Jet 4 Person Hot Tub maintenance
A clean hot tub is a happy hot tub!

Daily hot tub maintenance cleaning tasks

If you use your hot tub daily, you should start to get into a routine of hot tub maintenance after you’re finished. These are not mammoth tasks, they’re simply there to keep on top of any dirt or debris. 

Use a cleaning net to fish out any large pieces of garden debris. This includes any leaves, petals or twigs that have fallen in while the cover is open.

Take a clean cloth and remove any tidemarks that appear in the tub.

Check your hot tub chemical levels, especially the pH and sanitiser levels that kill bacteria in the water. The pH level should ideally be around 7.2 and 7.4, if it is too high it may be too alkaline which can make the water cloudy and allow limescale to build up.

Weekly hot tub maintenance cleaning tasks

It’s likely that your hot tub use will vary over the year, however, during the summer or periods where it is getting a lot of use, these weekly tasks should always be completed. 

Turn off the spa and unscrew the ‘skimmer basket’. This is used to capture any debris that comes into the pool, which can quickly build up if the tub is used regularly. Pull out the basket and clear out anything within.

Add a chlorine treatment to the tub to ‘shock dose’ the water. This will kill bacteria in the tub as well as break down any chloramines that are formed when the sanitising chemicals react to sweat and dead skin. Once you have added the chlorine treatment, wait the recommended time before using the tub again. Test the water to check the chemical levels before hopping back in.

Grand Rapids Inflatable 110-jet 4-person Hot Tub
Who doesn’t love a soak in the hot tub?

3-monthly hot tub maintenance cleaning tasks

The 3-month hot tub maintenance clean is otherwise known as the deep clean. This is where you thoroughly clean the tub as well as the pipes and equipment that is used with it. 

Add a pipe cleaning product to the tub and allow it to circulate to flush out the pipes and components of the hot tub. Turn off the jets and leave the product in the tub overnight.

Unplug the hot tub and completely drain the water. Check the filters to see if they need a separate clean.

Using a clean, damp cloth, wipe down the inside of the tub. Try and avoid using any harsh chemicals when cleaning. A natural solution would be to use white or distilled vinegar, alternatively, there are specialist hot tub cleaning products available.

Once the hot tub is cleaned, fill it back up with fresh water.

Add the right balance of chemicals to the water (determined by the specific model)

Replace the cover while the chemicals are adjusting to ensure no debris or dirt gets into the clean tub.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new hot tub or you are planning on upgrading your current model, with the right hot tub maintenance, your hot tub can last for many years. Discover the full range of hot tubs at Outside Play today, with a range of sizes and trusted models to choose from to bring some affordable luxury to your everyday. 



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