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Finally got my car and I absolutely LOVE it I know my daughter will do when she sees it on Xmas day quick to answer questions

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The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are starting to dip, signalling the end of a fantastic UK summer! If like so many others, you have spent the last few months enjoying your garden with your little ones, it’s time to consider prepping your outdoor space for the cold months ahead. The Autumn months are still perfect for playing outside, however, a few simple storage tricks could ensure that your garden toys stay in top condition.

While it might not be feasible to store larger swing sets, climbing frames and slides, smaller toys and ride-on toys can be stored safely and easily with these must-have tips.

Let’s go!

Storage solutions for garden toys
Storage solutions for garden toys

1. Storage sheds and garages

If you’re lucky enough to have a storage shed or garage that can be used for storing garden toys, you can employ a few organisational rules to keep things ship shape. Realistically, a storage building like a garage or shed will also be used for other things such as storing tools and garden equipment. If so, you need to make sure that your garden toys are kept away from anything sharp. Little ones will gravitate to their favourite playthings, so ensure any blades, rakes and electrical items are stored well away.

2. How to organise garden toys in a shed or garage

Ride-on toys such as quad bikes, ride-on cars and go-karts should be stored in a dry place over the winter months. Covering with a piece of tarpaulin will ensure that they stay looking great for years to come, as well as protect your garden toys from moisture, frost and dirt.

To store smaller garden toys such as sand pit equipment, cars and footballs, we recommend using storage buckets and boxes. One great tip we always utilise in the winter months is drilling holes in the bottom of these storage containers. This will avoid any water or dirt accumulating at the bottom. By starting early with these shed and garage storage tips you can get little ones in the habit of putting things away before the winter really sets in!

3. Savvy sandboxes

A sandpit or sandbox is a great addition to any outdoor space, however, once the summer has ended, they can take up valuable space in the garden. During the summer months, it is easier to keep on top of sand being thrown around, however, wet sand during the winter is a lot harder to clean up.

We recommend retiring the sandbox at the end of the summer, turning it from an unused space into valuable storage. Simply empty out the sand and transfer it into a waterproof, lidded storage container to use next year.

Once empty, use the remaining box to store smaller toys and garden equipment and replace the weatherproof cover to keep them protected from the elements.

Deluxe Picnic Table Sandpit Fsc
Sandpits are great outdoor toys!

4. Outdoor space savers

If you don’t have a garden shed or garage, there are ways to utilise your outdoor space as a smart storage solution. Milk crates are incredibly versatile and we love using them inside and outside to store toys. Using cable ties, you can attach milk crates to fence posts to create a unique storage system that your kids will love to use. Elevated storage will stop garden toys from accumulating dirt on the ground, as well as keep everything in one place.

Why not use your crates to brighten up your walls? Different coloured crates will look incredibly eye-catching, and can be used to colour code your organisation; a blue crate is ideal for water toys, a green crate for spaces and mud kitchen utensils etc.

5. Multifunctional storage

If you are lacking storage space for garden toys, why not consider looking for multi-functional items to make things easier? A storage bench is a great option for gardens of all sizes. As well as providing a practical seating area during the summer months, a storage bench can provide valuable space for garden toys and equipment when not in use.

With a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find a storage bench to suit your needs. Lift-up seats make it easy for little ones to access their toys while keeping everything clean and dry when the winter sets in.

Getting ahead of your garden storage is key to keeping toys and play equipment in great condition. Little ones can learn valuable skills by getting into a ‘tidy up’ routine, while adults can avoid the dreaded garden toy search and clear up on an evening! For more help and advice on keeping your outdoor toys looking their best, don’t forget to take a look at our full collection of Outdoor Play blog posts or get in touch with the team with any questions. 


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